This site is dedicated to the modification of standard and readily available PC hardware as replacement parts for Apple G4 towers. Through the use of adapted ATX Power Supplies, Apple users can extend the life of their towers while also expanding the capabilities of their systems, allowing for the addition of far more power-hungry components. With the availability of ultra-quiet power supplies, or super-compact power supplies, this site hopes to give lots of new options for systems that previously had very limited replacement selection.

G4 towers all require unique power supplies which use non-standard wiring schemes and odd voltages, making it difficult to use a standard PC power supply. This leaves most apple users to turn to sources like ebay or specialty retailers who sell used replacement parts at inflated prices. Through experimentation and testing, I have found that it's possible to use a modified ATX power supply to power G4 towers, but not without a few drawbacks. The modification can be contained in an extension cable added between the power supply and your motherboard, leaving your power supply untouched and saving you from the need to solder connections in the power supply's housing.

This website details how to adapt an ATX power supply for use with several models of Apple G4s. There are four adapter types which can be used on systems ranging from the B&W G3 and Yikes G4 up to Quicksilver G4s. I'll also warn you about potential drawbacks to using an adapted power supply.

In addition to showing how to build your own adapter, I also offer adapters for sale. My adapters are all very well built, clean, and professional in appearance. Best of all, my adapters may save you hours of cutting, crimping, splicing, soldering, and taping. I've bought specialized tools to help build my adapters, plus I buy in bulk, so my prices end up being very close to the cost of buying the parts alone.

Adapter Types:

Adapter Type: Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Compatibility: B&W G3
Yikes G4
Sawtooth G4
Gigabit Ethernet G4
Digital Audio G4
Quicksilver G4 Mirror Drive Door G4
Price: $13 Not Available. Not Available. Not Available.
Type 2, 3, and 4 Adapters have limitations, please view their individual pages for details.

I can not ship outside the United States.

Please note, although I have tested this process and test every adapter I make, this information is made available as-is. It is very easy to assemble an adapter incorrectly and cause permanent damage to your motherboard, power supply, or other components. Please, if you chose to create an adapter yourself, do so carefully and recheck your work.