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Quicksilver success
Posted by: maysink ()
Date: June 01, 2008 11:33PM

I tried to make an atx ps power my venerable powermac about 18 months ago w/ zero luck. It was a pain and left me with an unused enermax 500x ps. This adapter is less convoluted than the first and everything works like a champ. The new ps is nearly silent which is a nice bonus.

I was very skeptical this would work but it does with aplomb. Thanks!


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Re: Quicksilver success
Posted by: bmculhane ()
Date: February 15, 2009 04:05PM

I am posting this here since I am not aware of another post which tracks all success stories with particular G4 models.

I used an adapter cable purchased from this site to successfully replace the aging QS PSU with an Antec Basiq (Model BP500U). So far, the machine boots normally, responds to commands from the OS to Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart. While asleep the machine makes no noise, and the light on the front of the case even behaves with the lovable 'breathing' pulse. I have NOT connected an ADC display (have a flashed NVIDIA card with only a DVI and VGA connector), and I have NOT tested any FireWire devices. But nevertheless, the Power Supply is now silent, much newer, and much more powerful.

Thank you for creating such useful cables!

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Re: Quicksilver success
Posted by: stvcmty ()
Date: May 04, 2009 07:08PM

I bought a quicksilver 733 motherboard on ebay. I got a Quicksilver adapter from this site. From newegg, I got a OCZ StealthXStream OCZ500SXS 500W ATX power supply.

Today, all the pieces came together.

I used the adapter to plug the ATX power supplies cable into the quicksilver motherboard. I was going to use the included modified P4 12V cable, when I realized I would have a unused PCI-E power cable.

I looked at the PCI-E power cable. It has 6 pins, 4 of which have the right wire lay out and shape to plug into the 12V socket on the quicksilver motherboard. I find this a particularly clean solution because now there are 2 dedicated 12V wires from the power supply providing 12V to the mother board. By using the pci-e power lead, I keep all my hard drive / 5.25" drive power connectors free for other items, and I am not drawing too much current over a single 12V wire.

The QS G4 to ATX adapter works great. I am posting using the new mother board.

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Re: Quicksilver success
Posted by: Claus ()
Date: September 05, 2009 03:34PM

Another succes,

I bougt an 'el cheapo' ATX power supply a TPS-420.
Made the modifications to the 20 to 24 pin adapter cable myself.
Could not get the pins out of the plug, so I did cut and solder the wires in to place.
3A 50V PIV diodes were not at hand, so I used 3A 1000V PIV diodes.

My testing system, a Quicksilver 733 MHz works like a charm, it won't go into deep sleep though.

I want to place this modified ATX power supply in a Quicksilver 2 x 800 MHz.

Still a bit worried about the specs of this TPS power supply.
The original Apple AC Bel supply reads:

3.3v 24 amps
5v 18.5 amps
12v 13 amps

The TPS-420 reads:

3.3v 16 amps
5v 12 amps
5v vsb 1.5 amps
12v 10 amps

Another thing that worries me.
On the PS box is written: max power 440W and then somethng in chinese 340W.

I wonder, will this PS work reliable in a 2 x 800MHz Quicksilver?

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