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It Works!!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 07, 2008 09:32AM

At first, sorry for my bad english...
My Qicksilver 2002 is now stuffed with four 400 gig drives, all four PCI slots are used, a Nvidia Geforce 7800 draws about 150 W alone, so a stronger power supply was needed.
I modified my Quicksilver with the adaptor, wich I soldered myself.
It took me some time to fiddle through the wiring diagram,because as far as i remember, the drawings of the atx plug and the MacĀ“s plug are not diplayed from the same p.o.w you would see in your open mac, watching from the front.
But the colours of cables are standardised in the Mac and the ATX, red for 5v, black for ground etc.
I did also connect all ground cables to make things safe.
Start, restart, scheduled startup,wake from sleep, there are no problems at all.
All my Firewire devices do not draw power from the Firewire plug, so I can not check there for problems.

Too bad I found this information so late, I already paid $125 for a "professional adaptor + power supply last November from a company called "Service Computer Marketing", which even did not work!!! (crashed on wake from sleep and one week later even killed the PRAM and NVRAM of my Mac completely)

One big problem for every Mac-modder will be the power supply itself (in my case a "Super Silent LC6550", 550 W max):
The big ones (up from 300W)will have a 12 cm fan. When you use the 3 standard screw holes for mounting the power supply on the metal backpane of the mac, the fan will be directed towards the chassis, a w a y from the processor!!!
You will also have to disassempble the plastic back panel of your Mac,because the 120V/240Vpower plug will not fit in most cases.

But after checking the mod for one day,I did drill to some extra screwholes in the cabinet of the power supply and flipped it, now the fan is directed towards the processor. I am running a processor upgrade, a Gigadesigns Dual 1.8, which fans blow towards the processors heatsink, while the fan of the ps will suck the air away from the heatsink. No problems now in the winter, but with up to 40 degrees fahrenheit in my flat in the summer, I will see...
All the best,

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