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Maybe power supplies arent the whole problem on MDD
Posted by: David Holland ()
Date: December 24, 2008 03:41AM

My 2003 1.25 single 167 bus had very sporadic problems I.E. drive and USB lock.I was running a four drive ATA stripe and backing up to ESATA,On top of that I had Firewire running to a 733 DA

I'm sure people are thinking Iwas asking for trouble but thats why I bouught the MDD in the first place... the same setup is now working in my old Gigabit with no problems.Although this is a really well prepared unit...once I had decided to start from scratch pulled all ATA drives and optical, all PCI slots were emptied, I slid in an ATTO card to get away from the ATA bus, It worked booted into Panther reliably for a week.I got cocky stuck in a UL4S dual domain card and my trusty 15k Maxtor (in the case) the drive has dual fans, it has never given me problems, in fact its running this Gigabit right now. But it does draw power and the MDD locked within a hour!I believe the problem lies in the motherboard...I received a 133 bus FW800 1GHZ single in a lot recently with the power supply robbed out of it (getting to be a common thing) on a whim I pulled the ram and "dead" power supply from the 1,25 unit stuck it in and its worked without fail with 4 drives striped and one optical drive used daily by my wife.I'm still curious and want to diagnose the problem but not $200 curious for a refurb or "new" power supply I'm going to try the ATX Dynapower 1u server unit with your adapter I'm a stroke victim and cant wire this myself I've tried. no way with one hand you're a Godsend for me THANX! Will order on the first of the month (Disability check) Will post results,,,,

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Re: Maybe power supplies arent the whole problem on MDD
Posted by: tunamac ()
Date: May 08, 2009 11:45PM

My dual 1gig is in the shop and was diagnosed with a dead PSU which I am replacing to save the $120 charge for the 20 min it takes to swap the PSUs out. I still can't believe that... Ugh!!!! Ripoff (rant over smiling smiley, but the guy said it is most likely a problem with the logic board, even though it is throwing no faults, but for only another $350 for the board, plus I don't know how much to install the board, I can be unsure of what happened. Of course, this will have cost more than a G5 refurb at that point.
I want to get the adapters as do you, and I will repair my old PSU when I get it back.
I can guarantee it will be a dead driver or a blown capacitor, or some other $0.25-$9.00 part that needs replacing.
But I need a good unit for!

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