Quicksilver 867 with Antec Earthatts EA430 Power.
Posted by: Fasteddie ()
Date: January 03, 2009 01:00AM

Greetings Fellow Power Mac Users;
I have completed my G4 Leopard project that included the installation of a 430 watt Antec Earthwatts EA430 ATX power supply with the ATXG4 Type3 Adapter Kit in my Power Mac QS 867. The EA430 is almost identical in size and general layout to the original acBel 344 watt supply except that the AC input receptacle location will require the user to either modify the plastic shroud on the rear face of the tower to expose the AC input or remove the rear plastic shroud completely, which is what I did.
After removal the original power supply from the tower I removed the supply's front mounting bracket(two screws)for use on the ATX supply. The front mounting bracket easily mates to the ATX supply, but the internal PCB layout will not safely permit the original mounting bracket screw locations on the right front side of the bracket(viewed from the front) to be reused. So I drilled two small holes on the left front side of the bracket that allowed mounting screws to be placed in an open space area that will not come in close contact with the supply's internals. I was thinking afterwards that I probably could have fixed the front bracket to the new supply with an adhesive and would have eliminated the need for drilling, maybe someone else has tried that trick.
I installed the ATX supply into the tower using the mounting screws that came with the supply(coarse thread) and I found it necessary to slightly elongate one of the front bracket holes with a needle file to get all the screw holes to line up, and the new supply was in place.
I routed the power supply harnesses through the "shelf" openings to the lower levels of the tower except I biased the direction of them towards the open spaces in the front of the case below the Zip Drive area. I took the ATXG4 Type3 connecter assembly and carefully folded the the adapter wire bundle so that the adapter connecters were now 90 degrees of each other. This meant that when the adapter was installed onto the logic board the G4 to ATX adapter connecter is now in the 9 o'clock position pointing towards the front of the tower when viewed from the tower's right side. This positioning of the ATX logic board supply harness and the adapter connecter enabled them to move about freely with little or no stress on the harnesses or connecters with the tower access door open or closed, which I was able to view trough the open PC card slots at the tower's rear panel.
As the QS 867 is equipped with a 22 pin logic board connecter and the ATXG4 adapter uses a 24 pin connecter, I carefully trimmed the vacant #12 and #24 pin blocks from the connecter to give more clearance with the adjacent CPU power connecter on the logic board. After this the rest of the power connections to the drives and such was routine.
How did it all work? Absolutely Fabulous! The High Quality ATXG4 connecter kit enabled me to fit a modern super quiet "80-plus" rated power supply with a full complement both molex and Sata drive connecters and power to spare.
Thank you very much for your quality workmanship on these adapter kits and I will be back again when it is time to overhaul my Sawtooth. I also mentioned the use of the ATXG4 Connecter kit in my Newegg customer product review for the Antec supply, I hope that may drum up a little more business for you. SEE.

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